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Student Government Association  

Campus Works Committee

The Campus Works committee this year is focusing on sustainablity as their focus, and are working on Earth Hour, Work days to help the community in some way, and working with ASHE.

Currently, we are in transition.  Check back later for more up-to-date information.

Current Ideas on Board


  • Mills: Keller and Erin (with Acker and Haggard)
  • Survey
  • Cost


  • Got some ASHE folks to join the Greenfest Help committee!
  • Lemme know if you wanna help -- I know you're kinds busy with a bunch of other Campus Works stuff!


  • Bus: Kellter and Rachel
  • Cost: New vs Current
  • Meet with Garret and Boyce
  • Parking package: Leigh


  • Feb. 11 - 15

Earth Hour

  • Coraline and everyone attends!
  • Monday Feb. 4th from 5-6 p.m.


  • Invest a reasonable % of student or surplus to the solar initiative
  • Pros: 65% payback through Federal and State tax incentives
  • Efficient and lasts decades
  • Solar pays for itself, then energy supply pays the university!

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