Current Legislation

A printable version of the Constitution is available here.

A printable version of the By-Laws is available here.

Current Administration Meeting Minutes

Current Administration Legislation

  • SSB 019-001, 2019-2020 Executive Board Installments
  • SSB 019-002Appointment of Residential Senator, Jared Wheelock
  • SSB 019-003, Appointment of Parliamentarian, Senator London Newton
  • SSB 019-004Appointment of Legislative Librarian, Senator Caitlin Tricomi
  • SSB 019-005Appointment of President Pro Tempore, Senator Zane Carroll
  • SSB 019-006Amendment to Office Hours Requirements in SGA By-Laws
  • SSB 019-007Appointment of Commuter Senator, William Lovett
  • SSB 019-008Appointment of Junior Senator, Patrick Phillips
  • SSB 019-0092019-2020 Student Government Association Budget
  • SSB 019-010, Resignation of Executive of Diversity and Inclusion, Stephanie Grice, Chief of Staff, Lilley Washburn, and Senior Senator and President Pro Tempore, Zane Carroll
  • SSB 019-011, Resignation of Residential Senator, Camille Nevarez-Hernandez
  • SSB 019-012, Appointment of Chief of Staff, Camille Nevarez-Hernandez
  • SSB 019-013, Appointment of President Pro Tempore, Patrick Phillips
  • SSB 019-014, Resignation of Residential Senator, Alex Schneider
  • SSB 019-015, Appointment of Freshman Senator Bailey Cook
  • SSB 019-016, Appointment of Residential Senator Senuri Fernando
  • SSB 019-017, Appointment of Residential Senator Evan Castro
  • SSB 019-018, Appointment of Senior Senator John Hueck
  • SSB 019-019, Resignation of Executive of Academic Affairs: Jessica Villatoro
  • SSB 019-020, Appointment of Executive of Wellness: Yen Doan
  • SSB 019-021, Resignation of Junior Senator, Wellness Committee Chairperson, David Olawuni
  • SSB 019-022, Appointment of Wellness Committee Chairperson, Audrey Thomas
  • SSB 019-023, SSB 019-023 Resignation of Freshman Senator, Jessie Frank
  • SSB 019-024, Resignation of Sophomore Senator, Diversity and Inclusion Chairperson, Parliamentarian, London Newton
  • SSB 019-025, Appointment of Executive of Academic Affairs, London Newton
  • SSB 019-026, Appointment of Executive of Athletic Outreach, Robert Brenneman
  • SSB 019-027, Appointment of Diversity and Inclusion Chairpersons, Senuri Fernando and Olivia Barnes
  • SSB 019-029, 2020-2021 Student Government Association Administration Election Dates Confirmation