Representation in SGA consists of a body of senators and an executive board headed by the president. The senators fall into one of the following categories, based on who they represent: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Commuter, or Residential. Based upon this classification, senators build a list of issues they would like to address that would help their demographic group.

The executives each have their own classification, and aid the President in connecting SGA with other organizations on campus, advertising, elections processes, multicultural and environmental affairs, and generally keeping the organization running smoothly. Individual profile pages can be seen under the “About Us” tab. Feel free to contact any of them using their contact information located on each page.

If you’re interested in becoming a senator, or you’d like more information, drop by the office (Highsmith 249) and talk to our Vice President about our open positions. Our Elections Commissioner is available to talk about the elections procedure, how to campaign, and what the elections process entails. Additionally, any senator or executive would be happy to discuss any concerns you have.