Executive Job Descriptions

The Student Body President leads an Executive Cabinet that pursues events and initiatives of student interest in collaboration with other members of our campus community.

Applications to join the Executive Cabinet typically open 1-2 weeks after each spring SGA election. Once an executive candidate applies, they will be interviewed by the President. Qualified applicants will be appointed and go through approval by the Student Senate.

For any questions regarding Executive positions, please email the Student Body President at cthomas7@unca.edu

Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff will maintain SGA budget records. They will also act as office manager for the executive branch. Additionally, they will assist the President in overseeing the professional and timely completion of other Executive Cabinet members’ projects. Finally, they will attend meetings with administrators and student groups when the President is unable to do so.

Stipend: $750 per year

Executive of Campus Outreach

The Executive of Campus Outreach will act as a liaison between the cabinet and all University institutions, including the Key and Career Centers; Residential Education, Athletics, Student Activities, Advancement, Academic departments, and any other campus institutions. They will gather student input on campus issues by planning and leading SGA forums on a monthly basis. They will collaborate with student organizations and on-campus resources to create programs that address different campus-wide issues. They will assist the President in responding to issues that fall under student affairs, including housing, dining, health and safety, and student activities.

Stipend: $500 per year

Executive of Communications and Public Relations

The Executive of Communications will work with other SGA members to publish a bi-weekly SGA newsletter to be sent to the student body. They will also assist other SGA members with publicizing their events using both print and social media. Additionally, they will be the primary executive responsible for regular updates on SGA’s website and social media pages.

Stipend: $500 per year

Executive of Diversity Initiatives

The Executive of Diversity Initiatives will lead and create initiatives to increase diversity within the UNC Asheville student body. They will focus on the university’s policies and procedures and work with campus administration to incorporate diversity within different aspects of the campus’ infrastructure as stated by the Student Diversity Decree. These areas include the following:

Faculty/Staff of Color Retention & Recruitment
Academic Procedures & Policies
Minority Recruitment Efforts

Stipend: $500 per year

Executive of Multicultural Affairs

The Executive of Multicultural Affairs will lead initiatives and host programs to increase awareness of the importance diversity on UNC Asheville’s campus and among the student body. In addition, they will:
Act as a liaison to Multicultural Affairs and university organizations or departments related to multicultural affairs
Serve as the chief SGA liaison to the Diversity Action Council
Aid in all diversity related programs that originate in SGA
Collaborate with Multicultural Affairs affinity groups, as well as other campus organizations to promote diversity and inclusion on campus

Stipend: $500 per year

Executive of Wellness

The Executive of Wellness will engage students in wellness-related initatives and issues that surround the campus’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being. They prioritize the health and wellbeing of UNC Asheville’s students.  As a part of this responsibility, they will coordinate programs for the campus community that focus on the different aspects of healthy living and wellness. They will also serve on University committees relevant to sustainability. In addition, they will act as a liaison between SGA, the Health and Counseling Center and other health and wellness related organizations (i.e. PEPAH).

Stipend: $500 per year

Executive of Sustainability

The executive of Sustainability will engage in green initiatives and engage students in local and global environmental issues. As a part of this responsibility, they will coordinate SGA’s involvement in Greenfest and focus on other areas of UNC Asheville’s environmental status. In addition, they will act as a liaison between SGA, the Student Environmental Center, other campus sustainability groups.

Stipend: $500 per year

Elections Commissioner

The Elections Commissioner will coordinate Fall and Spring Student Government Elections. Responsibilities in both semesters will include recruiting candidates, hosting candidate forums, overseeing the Elections Commission and ensuring that campaigns go according to regulations, and coordinating the online voting system. In the Spring, the Elections Commissioner will also plan the inaugural ceremony.

Stipend: $225 per year

Executive of Academic Affairs

The Executive of Academic Affairs will oversee all SGA initiatives pertaining to the academic experience at UNC Asheville, with a focus on ensuring that all students have access to a quality curriculum, empowering teaching, and useful learning support. They will serve as a liaison to the Provost’s office and Faculty Senate. Additionally, they will serve on University committees pertaining to academics and curriculum.

Stipend: $500 per year

Executive of Community Engagement

The Executive of Community Engagement will work with the President and other SGA members to plan and lead either a yearlong community service project or monthly volunteer opportunities for SGA. They will also coordinate SGA’s involvement in one-time community service events, including the January MLK Day of Service.

Stipend: $500 per year